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Implementing a FIR using a Cyclone III DSP development kit


Hello Altera Team,

I am a student and I am currently working on a project with a partner using Altera FPGA. The goal is to implement a FIR lowpass filter. We are working with an Cyclone III DSP Development Kit (Including a HSMA Data Conversion Module) and a Cyclone III Starter Kit. We are also using Quartus II Web Edition version 13.1 (the latest version compatible with the aforementioned devices).


Up until now, we have implemented the circuit on Quartus as a block diagram, we have done the pin assignments but we could not compile it because the specific device (EP3C120F780C6) could not be assigned, but all the other Cyclone III devices can. To tackle this problem, we connected the HSMA module to a Cyclone III Starter Board and used that for our project instead. But we would like to use the former device. How can we fix this?

We have programmed the device with the attached circuit (the data come from the ADC, they are synchronized, buffered in a 14 bit register and then forwarded to the DAC). The input to the ADC is an External Function Generator, and the output of the DAC is an oscilloscope. Unfortunately, the signal that is generated externally is not displayed on the oscilloscope (we have omitted the FIR filter for now, as our first goal is just to sample the signal and reconstruct it). Our question: is the attached circuit correct? Is there anything else which we should take into consideration?


Best regards,

Joan Mihali

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Hi, For your information, general the forum is used to address specific inquiry related to FPGA instead of user design related inquiry. Hope you could understand it. However, I could further assist you in debugging why the specific device cannot be assigned. Would you mind to further elaborate on your issue observation? For example, you are unable to find the specific part in Quartus II software? Please let me know if there is any concern. thank you. Best regards, Chee Pin
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