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IntelFPGA Modelsim 19.1 waveform simulation not working.




I know that I was working on IntelFPGA ModelSim 19.1 and the waveform simulation for the ModelSim program was not working. The waveform simulation would show a white screen without displaying a black graph. I am not sure why this happened, and I am hoping a specialist can fix this problem by taking over my screen. I know that my university CSUB is using ModelSim 19.1 Intel FPGA. I wonder if anyone knows a lot about generating waveform simulations for IntelFPGA, and whether they can fix a blank white screen where the waveform simulation graph was supposed to be a black graph with a time period and waveform signals. Could anyone show me how to display the graph and turn on the window for that same program? I know that the situation is somewhat urgent, and it needs to be fixed. I needed to do this with a 3 or 4 bit adder, and certain types of VHDL programs. I know that I talked to Joshua who was a representative of Intel, on Wednesday, and I needed his help or help from someone who knows how to fix broken waveform simulations. I know that I needed this problem fixed as quickly as possible, and I need to share the screen so that someone can take over it, and fix the waveform simulation for Intel FPGA Model Sim for particular VHDL programs that relate to 4 bit adders and certain types of operators that relate to mathematical operations in VHDL.


Thank you very much,


Roshaan S. (000978757)

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