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MM and ST interfaces for an image processing task

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I'm trying to implement the edge detection operation example available on the UP website but this time on a single image only instead of a video stream. I can read the image from my host PC in NIOS Eclipse SBT using alt_fs which I then put into an array. This data array is in the SD-RAM at this stage. Now I want to move this data to go to the Edge Detection SOPC component using the cpu data_master channel. But I don't know how to interface them. The CPU has a Memory Mapped while that SOPC component has a Streaming interface. 


I want to know if it is possible to that change from MM to ST. I read somewhere that a DMA helps in this case but I am not sure how to actually do it. 


It is very likely that the Edge Detection UP SOPC component will have to be modified to accept this new form of data, but I want to be able to at least get the data into the component in the ST interface for a start.  


Thanks for any advice.
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