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Missing Libraries with SD-Card IP

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Hi everybody ! 


I would like to use the Altera University Altera_Up_SD_Card_Avalon_Interface IP but I have a problem with the libraries. 


I already search on the forum but I didn't find a solution for my problem. 


I have a c file and a h file for using the IP : 




But this files include other header files that I don't have : 




--- Quote Start ---  



# include <errno.h># include <priv/alt_file.h># include <io.h># include <stdio.h># include <string.h># include "altera_up_sd_card_avalon_interface.h" // no problem for this one 




--- Quote End ---  


--- Quote Start ---  



# include <stddef.h># include <alt_types.h># include <sys/alt_dev.h> 




--- Quote End ---  



Can anybody tell me where I can find this files ? 

(No, the files aren't in my ***. :-P) 


Thank you in advance, 


Have a good day ! 


:blink: Nico
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