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Problem displaying using LCD 16x2!

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I'm using the DE2, Cyclone II kit and I want to use the built-in character LCD to display some data...I chose the LCD 16x2 found under the "university program" section in SOPC and followed the steps to instantiate it as explained in the documentations...I even used the same example in assembly language they gave but the only thing the LCD shows is the blinking cursor. here's the *.s file I loaded: 



.include "nios_macros.s" 

.global _start 


movia r7, 0x00003000 /*Base address*/ 

movi r3, 0x8a 

stbio r3,0(r7) 


movui r3, 65 /* ASCII code for A */ 

stbio r3, 1(r7) /* Write the letter A */ 


movui r3, 0xc0 /* Command for moving to the first bit of the second line */ 

stbio r3, 0(r7) /* Send the command */ 



I suspect I didn't include some files but I don't know what those are or maybe it's something else...please help?
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