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Problem with Hello World NIOS program

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I have recently purchased a DE-0 board. I followed some of the tutorials to add a NIOS processor, DRAM, and JTAG interface using Qsys to my project. 


I have used Eclipse to build load the hello world template onto the chip. However I cannot find where the hello world message is displayed in Eclipse. 


The console just has this: 

Using cable "USB-Blaster ", device 1, instance 0x00 Processor is already paused Initializing CPU cache (if present) OK Downloading 00800000 ( 0%) Downloading 00806F60 (76%) Downloaded 28KB in 1.2s (23.3KB/s) Verifying 00800000 ( 0%) Verifying 00806F60 (76%) Verified OK Starting processor at address 0x008001B4 


How do I get the stdout output?
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Please post your question only once. 


By JTAG Interface do you mean JTAG Uart? 

First check that the UART is used for stdin and stdout in your BSP settings. Then when running your application as Nios II Hardware, go into the Target Connection Tab and check that the jtag uart is selected in the "Byte Stream Devices" list and that 'Disable Nios II console view' isn't checked. The console should then open automatically once the software has been downloaded and verified.
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Thanks, I got it working. 


I was following the documentation and right click project -> run as but I needed to click down arrow next to green arrow button and select the hardware configuration option.