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Problem with VGA on Altera DE1

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I have an Altera DE1 development board and I have implemented a NIOS II core with an VGA controller (from University Program) on it. 

I'm using Quartus 12.0 sp2 with the IP cores from the University Program.  


The NIOS II implementation on the Cyclone II FPGA on the DE1 Board work well. I can control LEDS with it and i can also read a switch/key status with it. 

The JTAG UART is also working. I can write some text on the VGA monitor, but i have a problem with it. 


The problem is as follow: 


The monitor is showing some rainbow/mosaic noise and i cant clear the screen. 

I can read the text which i wrote to the VGA monitor but it is difficult to read it because the rainbow/mosaic noise. 


Does someone know how i can solve this problem?
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