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QUIP toolkit installation

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I would like to do some research using the QUIP program provided by Altera. I've downloaded the QUIP toolkit: quip_toolkit.9.0.tar.qz. I know this is a UNIX file that is compressed. I've downloaded and installed 7-zip but have not been able to figure out what to do next with the 7-zip applications on a Win 8.1 machine. I'm tried all the applications in the 7-zip folder but I think I am not noticing how to target the compressed file.

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I found some instructions for 7-zip at:  

The File Manager the manual-instructions refer to is the 7z file "7zFM.exe". When that file in the 7-zip folder is Open-ed a file navigation window appears. Next I had to locate the target file. Use the windows-like navigation field above the single panel that appears I found C:\ and then followed the path to the folder where the target file quip_toolkit.9.0.tar.qz is located. Clicking on folders in the navigation window will make visible folders and files under the selected folder. To select the target file just click on the file to highlight it. Right clicking on the target file will give you a ton of window options. Zip-related functions are found in the "7-zip" option (the first one listed). I copied the file to a new folder at a location C:/altera/QUIP-toolkit. The file that was placed in the new folder was "quip_toolkit.9.0.tar" sans the ".gz". The file is now unzipped. My next task is to find out what to do with a tar file (which is an amalgamation of a bunch of files and folders into one giant file). eHow provided that answer and the answer was to use 7zip. Seems I had go to the menu bar of 7zFM.exe and click on Tools>Options>System tab to select the various file types 7-zip will unzip. Anyway, after a bit of a struggle, I was able to extract the following folders out of the tar file: 







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