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Running an ARM program from an SD card

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I would like to run the program I developed with the Monitor program on the DE1-SoC board without intervention from the Monitor program. In the Intel_FPGA_Monitor_Program_ARM.pdf document in section 9.5 the following directions are given. 


To place your own ARM application into the SD card, generate program.bin, setup_environment.bin, and fpga.rbf for your project by selecting Actions > Generate U-Boot SD Card Binaries in the Monitor Program. Copy over the files to the SD card and replace any prior copies. 



The directions also state the following files are necessary to run a program from the SD card 


  1. program.bin 

  2. setup_environment.bin 

  3. fpga.rbf 

  4. set_vbar.bin 



By following the directions, I have generated the program.bin, setup_environment.bin, and fpga.rbf files. The set_vbar.bin file is not created from Actions > Generate U-Boot SD Card Binaries. 


My questions are  

  1. Where do I get the set_vbar.bin file? 

  2. How to move the four specified files to the SD card? 

  3. Do the files need to be combined into a .img file? If so, what is the process to create the file? 



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