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Time stamp problem

Honored Contributor II

I get the most curious error... 

Timestamp value does not match: image on board is older than expected 

Read timestamp 18:59:59 1969/12/31; expected 21:50:53 2009/07/03 

The software you are downloading may not run on the system which is currently 

configured into the device. Please download the correct SOF or recompile. 

Restarting target processor 


I know this is saying download the correct SOF but Quartus only generates one SOF using Quartus can it possibly be from the seventies? These boards and programs are not that old... 

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Honored Contributor II

1969 is part of the sixties, not the seventies :) 


read timestamp 18:59:59 1969/12/31; expected 21:50:53 2009/07/03
Honored Contributor II

The Nios downloader is probably not looking at the correct address for the sysid peripheral and is reading garbage data. The timestamp itself is not that important, what's really important is that your hardware doesn't match the description in your software project.