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UP SD card IP core compatibility


I'm using the altera NEEK, cyclone III (3C25 FPGA) edition with the SD card included (used in the application selector example). 

I have added University SD card IP core in quartus 12.1 (using SOPC builder), and successfully created a BSP and application in NIOS II SBT, but none of the fonctions seems to work (especially, the alt_up_sd_card_is_Present() function detects the SD card even when it's unplugged, and the alt_up_sd_card_is_FAT16() function never ends because the sector index and the partition offset ar both set to 0). 

So, i'm wondering : is the UP IP core compatible with the starter boards ? Or did i just failed to add the core ? 


Thanks for reading.
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I am using SD Card University IP core with a DE board. I have two SD cards a 128MB and a 2GB, but none is working with the core. The cards are detected but the function alt_up_sd_card_is_FAT16() returns a wrong result. I have tested with a simple program: 

# define READ_BLOCK 17 

int main(void) { 

int *command_argument_register = ((int *)(0x0100122C)); 

short int *command_register = ((short int *)(0x01001230)); 

short int *aux_status_register = ((short int *)(0x01001234)); 

short int status; 

/* Wait for the SD Card to be connected to the SD Card Port. */ 

do { 

status = (short int) IORD_16DIRECT(aux_status_register, 0); 

} while ((status & 0x02) == 0); 

/* Read 11th sector on the card */ 

IOWR_32DIRECT(command_argument_register, 0, (10) * 512); 

IOWR_16DIRECT(command_register, 0, READ_BLOCK); 

/* Wait until the operation completes. */ 

do { 

status = (short int) IORD_16DIRECT(aux_status_register, 0); 

} while ((status & 0x04)!=0); 


but the aux_status_register indicates a read error on bit 5. 

My hardware is configured as shown below(VHDL): 


NiosII: nios_system PORT MAP ( 

b_SD_cmd_to_and_from_the_SDCard_Interface => SD_CMD, 

b_SD_dat3_to_and_from_the_SDCard_Interface => SD_DAT3, 

b_SD_dat_to_and_from_the_SDCard_Interface => SD_DAT, 

o_SD_clock_from_the_SDCard_Interface => SD_CLK, 

out_port_from_the_Display => count, 

out_port_from_the_LEDs => LEDG, 

zs_addr_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_ADDR, 

zs_ba_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_BA, 

zs_cas_n_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_CAS_N, 

zs_cke_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_CKE, 

zs_cs_n_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_CS_N, 

zs_dq_to_and_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_DQ, 

zs_dqm_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_DQM, 

zs_ras_n_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_RAS_N, 

zs_we_n_from_the_sdram_0 => DRAM_WE_N, 

clk_0 => CLOCK_CPU, 

reset_n => pll_locked and KEY(0)