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Ugh.. documentation that comes bundled seem severly outdated

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Can someone help me set Pin Assignments in Quartus 9.1sp2?  

tut_quartus_intro_vhdl.pdf that came with my student de2-115 is based on 5.0 or 8.0 versions, where the steps don't correspond to 9.1 or 12 versions. I checked online but can't find newer versions of that pdf tutorial. 


edit; ok found 12.0 pdf version on the ftp site! good ol google, too bad that link wasn't present outright somewhere handy. 


Anyway, now I have problem with control panel application. I'm using x64 win7, so I can't use the stuff that was on the CD that came with the box, AND there was no win7_64bit directory inside DE2_115_tools as specified to get rid of jtag problems. No biggie though, I've found DE2_115_v.1.0.5_SystemCD on the website which had the directory(for some reason v.1.0.6 didn't have that directory?) but now I'm getting  

jtagserver.exe Application Error (this application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) error, which is only present when running 12 quartus (if I use 9.1sp2 control panel works fine) 


Any help would be appreciated. Is there a newer version of  

Terasic-DE2-115 Control Panel V1.0.0 somewhere? Tried looking in ftp but couldn't find it. 

edit2; Ok I fixed this by installing stand alone programmer. Figured I'll leave this up in case someone also has these problems. 

I can't use links yet on this board :confused: so just google altera stand-alone programmer to get the file.
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