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University SD CARD IP reads nothing

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I added the altera_up_avalon_sd_card_interface into nios system.The SD card can be detected, and the READ_BLOCK command can be executed but no data be written in SD_CARD_BUFFER.Following is the code:  


device_reference = alt_up_sd_card_open_dev(SD_CARD_NAME); 

if(device_reference == NULL) printf("SD Card was not found.\n"); 

if (device_reference != NULL)  

fprintf(fp,"\n write_read from %x\n",SD_CARD_BASE); 

for(i=0;i<512;i++)(*((volatile unsigned char *)SD_CARD_BUFFER(SD_CARD_BASE, i)))=i & 0xff; 

for(i=0;i<512;i++)bb[i]=(*((volatile unsigned char *)SD_CARD_BUFFER(SD_CARD_BASE, i))); 



fprintf(fp,"write_read ok\n\n"); 

if (Read_Sector_Data(0, 0)) 



fprintf(fp,"read_sector ok\n\n"); 


Where Read_Sector_Data() coming from "altera_up_sd_card_avalon_interface.c" as following: 


bool Read_Sector_Data(int sector_index, int partition_offset) 

// This function reads a sector at the specified address on the SD Card. 

bool result = false; 


if (alt_up_sd_card_is_Present()) 

short int reg_state = 0xff; 


/* Write data to the SD card if the current buffer is out of date. */ 

if (current_sector_modified) 

if (Write_Sector_Data(current_sector_index, 0) == false) 

return false; 

/* Multiply sector offset by sector size to get the address. Sector size is 512. Also, 

* the SD card reads data in 512 byte chunks, so the address must be a multiple of 512. */ 

*command_argument_register = (sector_index + partition_offset)*512; 

*command_register = CMD_READ_BLOCK; 

do { 

reg_state = *aux_status_register; 

} while ((reg_state & 0x04)!=0); 

// Make sure the request did not time out. 

if ((reg_state & 0x10) == 0) 

result = true; 

current_sector_modified = false; 

current_sector_index = sector_index+partition_offset; 

return result; 


The strange thing is that the data in SD_CARD_BUFFER after READ_BLOCK were same as the data in SD_CARD_BUFFER before READ_BLOCK. 

Looking for your help. 

Thanks in advance.
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