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VGA controller

Honored Contributor II

I have a Terasic DE2-70 and am having trouble writing a vga controller in Verilog. If I can get this working on this dev board, I would like to use a much simpler board for the application. Hence, I want to avoid running an OS or having an embedded processor. When I wrote my own vga controller, the projector would say 800x600 37.8khz 60Hz, but nothing would be displayed. I then turned to the sample vga controller that Terasic provides. It worked to display a default Altera image. However, when I tied the rgb inputs of the vga controller to ground rather than the output of instantiated RAM, the projector then said input not supported. I would like to calculate the image pattern to be displayed online, so I don't want to read the rgb inputs from ram. I am at a loss of where to start. Please help.

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