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altera avalon i2c master core ip



i started to work with the DE0-NANO board recently and im trying to read and write data to ov7670 camera using i2c communication.

im trying first to read and write to the eeprom of the de0 nano board but with no success.

recently i generated i2c master core ip in platform designer.

i defined interface connections with the appropriate buffers in my top level project.


now im trying to write/read to eeprom using nios 2 eclipse but dont have any refference for this procedure.i tried to use the user guide but with no success.

can you help me understand how to read/write to the eeprom using nios 2 eclipse?


thank you in advance.


ram sofer


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Hello Ram,


The DE0-Nano is supplied with a golden reference design.

If I am not mistaken, I2C is used in this design to manage the video part.


On the other hand, what you are trying to do is not so easy. Have you considered to start with a test application in VHDL / Verilog without a processor, and then go further with nios & the SOC that is on the board?

I2C signals can be generated with an FPGA using a state machine, in the beginning not using IP but writing your own blocks can help a lot in debugging and understanding what is going on.


Best Regards,


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