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18.01 compiled routine "missing ordinal 747"



We install our commercial code on a 'naked' machine for testing and dependency checking. The code is compiled as an x64 console application with compiler release 18.01 and runs without incident on the development machine within VS 2017. We have installed (says here) the Fortran redistributable using: ww_ifort_redist_intel64_2018.1.156.msi -- the installer ran without incident. But attempting to run our code on the 'naked' machine generates this error: 

The ordinal 747 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\Acuity Brands\Visual Lighting 2017\Program\Engine\Eng_ShapeMesh.exe

1) What is 'ordinal 747'?

2) Why is the message calling our .exe a dll?  Our code is a x64 console application.

This problem only arose when we moved to release 18 of the compiler. No such problems when complied with 16.04.


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If you search the forum you will find several threads on this topic that should help you. 

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