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A couple of bugs

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First, the Intel oneAPI is a great offering and one I am testing so as to make my production environment. I did however come across two bugs and am wondering where I might file them.

1. The code I am taking over has very poor indenting so am trying the built-in formatter in VS2022 at Edit>Advanced>Format Document. It does a fairly good job except that it mishandles single line IF statements. It reads them as full IF-THEN-ELSE and indents each line so that it looks like it's nested.

2. Whenever I close my VS solution and then re-open it I and for every open tab I get this message. I close the tab and re-open the file from the solution explorer and all is well again. Not sure what that means but it doesn't seem to happen in VS2019.



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There are many posts here about the VS2022 file open issue - it is being investigated.

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