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Differents outputs between executable and dll versions of the same source code


Hi Everybody,

I need to compile a hydrological model (SWAT) thas was wrote in Fortran. I downloaded the source code from the site of the model and compiled it using Intel Fortran Compile on Visual Studio 2017.

First I compiled this source code as a library and made some tests that generated the output files as expected.

After this, I compiled this same source code as an executable and made again the same tests to generate the output files.

When I compare these output files the result of the calculations from the model is quite different but the source code and the input information are totally equal.

The executable version made a correct output file but I would like to get a library version for my work.

This model puts a lot of information (variables, arrays) and calculations on the computer`s memory that I think that is a problem of memory management from the library version that made the results wrong.

Somebody could help me with some tip to resolve this problem,




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