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Does Visual Studio 2015 Blend, and Fortran XE 2013 SP1 to work together


Fortran Problems:

I have been using Fortran XE 2013 SP1 and VS 2008 as my debugger for a few years now.  I now just got through upgrading from VS2008 to VS 2015 Blend Professional Version. I took off VS2008 before I installed 2015 Blend Professional version. I then reloaded the Fortran XE 2013 SP1. I also have the Intel Parallel Studio loaded.

So right now my VS 2015 is not giving me an option to create an Project in Fortran, ONLY in Visual C. What do I need to do, to use the 2015 Visual Studio Blend with the Intel Fortran XE 2013 SP1 Compiler ??

Thank you,

  Rick Wojo.

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