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Dear Steve:

Thank you for your response.  I am talking about 2 different editors. 

Editor 1 is the Visual Studio 2015 Color Theme Editor

Which is a great tool if you do not like the standard VS colors and I do not like them at all. 

This program has been hacked by someone and so you can use the hacked version on VS 2017. 

The text editor in this forum is the second one. If I missspell a word your editor underlines the word in red squiggly like word, but it does not give me a dictionary choice if I right click on it. One actually has to know how to spell correctly -- some of us have lost that skill.  

Not an issue just interesting. 


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I think spell checking in the forum "Leave a Comment" box is a function provided by your web browser.  I have succesfully configured mine to change attrocities like aubergine to eggplant, canteloupe to rockmelon, bathers to togs and school bag to port.  However my attempts to change program to programme required me to enter all my forum comments in fixed form in order for others to understand them.

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Ian is correct that the spelling checker is in your browser. However, there is a long-outstanding issue with the Intel Developer Zone forums in that right-click is not recognized - at least in Chrome. I don't know about other browsers.

You can change most of the colors in the VS editor using Tools > Options > Environment > Fonts and Colors.

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Yup in chrome the spell check does not work for me but in ie and edge it does. With respect to VS editor colours the best strategy is to recalibrate your mind and ignore it. After a suitable period of recalibration you will become at one with it. The other option is to waste lots of time tinkering and then having to do it all over again with every update,

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Not a bad idea - but it only takes a minute to load Theme Editor and you get some nice screens. 

Life is to short for a full recalibration.

I have used the color change - one ends up with yellow writing on bright purple screens and funky fonts. Reminds me of the 60's but better. 

The new colors that automatically pop up in the VS 2017 Console Application are really quite bizarre -- 

Now back to getting a NUC running on the other side of the world