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FORTRAN project is blocked by Cylance Protect


Hello World,

I'm trying to compile an old FORTRAN prject with Visual Studio 2010 Shell but unfortunately my companies security software "Cylance Protect" detects the exe-file as a threat and is blocking the exe-file.

Do you have any experience what can cause such a behaviour?

Thanks for your help.

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Black Belt Retired Employee

Many antivirus programs consider a program that creates EXEs to be suspicious. My advice is to tell your AV software to not do realtime scanning of your development folder.

Black Belt

I have similar problems with Symantec Endpoint Protection.

I have had to have my development folders excluded from scanning by our IT support.

However, every time I release a new product to users, SEP flags the exe as unknown, and therefore a threat.  I have to wait for this to occur, then I can report a false positive to Symantec, which then results in the virus defs being updated within about 24 hours.

This, apparently, is not just a problem with Fortran exe's, I have had updates of a commercial product flagged as unknown because it is so too new!

Just another few hoops we have to jump through!

Black Belt Retired Employee

I had never heard of Cylance Protect before this, but today I ran across this article: Researchers Easily Trick Cylance's AI-Based Antivirus Into Thinking Malware Is 'Goodware'

New Contributor I

We have had similar problems with SEP.   The solution for me involved


1.  Get added to AD Group of employees allowed to sign code

2. Obtain and Install a digital certificate

3. Add a post build step that runs  signtool to sign the code

4.  get my digital certificate added to SEPs whitelist

Steps 1, 2, and 4 only had to be done once and apply to all executables I create.  The post build step has to be added every time I start a new project.