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How have self reffering to child class in deffered precedure interface of an abstract class


Say we have a parent abstract class:

module class_absParent
public :: absParent

      type, abstract :: absParent
          procedure(interface_func1), public, deferred :: func1
      end type
      abstract interface 
          function interface_func1(self) result(dblResult) 
              import :: absMaterial
!! I want self be the child class not absParent, is it okay to use absMaterial in this line?
              class(absMaterial), intent(inout) :: self 
              real*8 :: dblResult
          end function
      end interface 


And the func1 in the child class needs to access the properties of child class so I want self to refer to the child class and not the parent abstract class.


module class_child
use class_absParent
implicit none
public :: child
type, extends(absParent) :: child
function mat02_yield1(self) result(dblResult)
!! does this contradicts the interface in parent class?
    class(child), intent(inout) :: self 
end function



I am getting error

The dummy arguments of an overriding and overridden binding that correspond by position must have the same characteristics, except for the type of the passed object dummy arguments.


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self can be an object of child class since "type of the passed object dummy arguments" can be different objects,

Error was caused since intent statement in Parent and Child classes were different.

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