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How to compile a new project with previously compiled multiple object files


Hello All,

I am trying to compile which calls multiple subroutines. These multiple subroutines are available as previously compiled object files and i cannot figure out how to link them in my project. The command to link the object file in my linux project was :

pgf90 $filename -L /cluster/share/lib $2 $3 -lenglib -o$1

I cannot figure how can i do it on the windows side. I have added a picture for the reference.

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How did you previously compile the object files on Windows with the Intel compiler?

The easiest option would be to just add the source files for the other subroutines to the same project.(right click on Souce Files in the Solution Explorer pane on the right, then select Add > Existing Items).  Building the project (assuming the project type is one that builds a program) will then compile all source code, and link it together for you.

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