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How to figure out what kind of fortran solution I have in Visual Studio


I am using Visual Studio 2012 with Intel Visual Fortran Composer 2013. When creating a new Intel Visual Fortran project, the user may select from the following Fortran project types:

  • Console Application
    • Empty Project
    • Main Program Code
  • Library
    • Dynamic-link Library
    • Dynamic-link Library with Sample Code
    • Static Library
  • QuickWin Application
    • QuickWin Application
    • Standard Graphics Application
  • Windowing Application
    • ActiveX Dialog Code
    • ActiveX MDI Code
    • ActiveX SDI Code
    • Dialog Code
    • Empty Project
    • MDI Code
    • SDI Code
  • COM Server
    • In-process Server (DLL)
    • Out-of-process Server (EXE)

My problem is that I have a large, complex, alread-existing solution provided to me by a 3rd party. I need to do a lot of work on this solution. I wish to determine what category of project from the above categories this solution is, since whoever created it must have selected one of the above options. What is a straightforward way of doing this? Does the software have a memory of what kind of project it is?


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In the linker (and compiler)  command line under the project properties should tell you what you need to know. look at /SUBSYSTEM:  value for example


For a console application under Linker>Command Line 


For a Dynamic Link Library, QuickWin Application, ActiveX Dialog Code, ActiveX SDI Code


For a Static Library I see no /SUBSYSTEM variable at all.

This is all well and good for verifying if a project is a console application or not, but how to distinguish between DLL, QuickWin, ActiveX Dialog Code and ActiveX SDI code for example?

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Qwin will have /libs:qwin on the compile command ...... As for the others I don't know if there is some easier way of knowing but all will result in some  combo of options on the command lines. Why do you need to know? The project will do what its does....

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Also, open the Solution Explorer pane, right click on the project (note, you can have multiple projects), select Properties, then open Configuration Properties, then General, you will find a read-only property named Configuration Type.

Jim Dempsey