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IVF 17.0 Installation Problems

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I tried to install IVF 17.0 on my home computer I was not not able to install it using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 shell. I thought that I could use the evaluation license to do it but the installation just does not do it. My exercise was for the pure reason of finding out how it is supposed to be done so that I could later explain it to IT. We currently have IVF 17.0 in the office but for some strange reason we don’t have MSVS 2013 shell installed but IT used MSVS 2015 community to install it. I think the license will run out in 30 day. Is there a way to get the IVF installer to install IVF 17.0 with MSVS 2013 shell? I really want to use the IDE of MSVS rather than resort to write statements to figure what going on in my code every time.

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An evaluation license does not give access to the VS Shell. VS2015 Community will work (but see

If you have a commercial license then VS2013 Shell will get installed automatically if no supported VS is found.