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I am a freelancer working on a now VERY dated project originally under Visual Studio 6 (circa 1998) which is still in use today. VS6 only runs under windows XP, which is so badly dated now we are going to have to discontinue it's use. We are looking for a newer Visual Studio to run on Windows 7 or perhaps 10. As an interim step, we have chosen Visual Studio 10. It already has a built in compiler for the C++, of course, but out source code is more fortran than C++.  We are trying to find a fortran compiler compatible with VS2010. Would anyone happen to know if the Classic Fortran Compiler can be installed in, and be used by, VS2010 in a mixed language Solution?

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I suggest that you move to Visual Studio Community edition (2019) and the oneAPI version of Fortran.  This will include all the tools you need, and will avoid any issues with older, unsupported versions of both VS and IVF.


both of these tools are available without needing a commercial license.

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I run code dating from 1968 written by a now long gone Uni Professor and it has no problems on the latest VS and Intel Fortran -- Intel Fortran is highly backward compatible - the main issue is it adds features - which do nothing for old code and it adds error checks. 


I agree with David, update to the latest and simply generate 32 bit applications. 

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