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Intel Compiler 11.1




I need to download Intel Compiler 11.1 version. I went through the installation guide of installing older versions.If I didnt get it wrong,  The mapping of Compiler version 11.1 is with parallel studio release 2011. The last release available is 2013. 
Please guide me for the download of Intel Compiler 11.1 for windows. 

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When new users of Intel compiler products request an old version of the compiler, it is often because the instructions that came with some source code / package of interest to them state that version xxx was used or required. With few exceptions, however, their needs can be satisfied better with a newer compiler version than the requested version; even the currently released version will often work just as well.

Given Intel's policy of encouraging only the current version for trials and student use, it may save you time if you download and install the current version of the compiler package. If, after doing so and testing the compiler with the software of interest to you, you find out that you really must use an older version, you can work with Intel support to obtain that version.