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Intel® Support Services subscription


Following my post yesterday re the latest Parallel Studio Fortran version, I am now wondering what the Support Services subscription actually covers (obviously not being notified of updates!).

More seriously though, checking the email I got after renewing my subscription in July this year, I see it says:

   Product: Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows* Support Services Renewal

  1. From the discussion yesterday, that seems to be a superseded product.  I am now wondering if my subscription even covers the current oneAPI version of Fortran?
  2. And if it does, is it just the Fortran component of the oneAPI Toolkit?

The second question is possibly not particularly relevant to me personally as the only other component I am likely to try out is the Python distribution (belated attempt to learn Python, seeing it seems to be flavour of the decade ...).

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Have you seen this article on Priority Support?  If you still have paid support for Parallel Studio, that can be transferred to oneAPI.  The information is in that article.


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Thanks for the reply Bargara.

No, I had not seen that.

But TBH I am a bit blown away about the situation.  In that link it states that "oneAPI free products do not qualify for Priority Support. However, you could still ask questions in our Community forums."

So it seems my current Support subscription is next to useless, unless I remain on my now aging parallel studio version, or transfer my support package to the OneAPI equivalent, that would seem likely to cost a bomb if I update that in future.  Price seems to be USD 1,499+ for a single node to get Fortran compiler support.  Well beyond what I can justify as a sole trader part time (<20%) coding, and part time all sorts of other stuff & software.

This all came up because I tried update my compiler to the latest version, which surprised my was 2020 update 4 from back in Oct 2020.  I downloaded that and attempted to install only to discover that it wouldn't as it no longer included the VS shell.  Which then meant I needed to install a standalone VS version, which raised its own set of issues

More searching revealed that the new free version was a lot more up to date, but it seems that is unsupported other than here in the Community forum (& I do appreciate that Intel provide technical input here).


One concerning issue is that the email I received reminding me to renew my subscription in July reads in part as follows:

Your support for Intel® Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran Windows* expires August 04, 2021. Renew today to continue using uninterrupted support and benefits:
Automatically get updates and the latest Intel® software features
Access new releases of your product at no additional cost
• Get Priority Customer support at the Online Service Center for each qualifying product

This is in July this year, apparently well after parallel studio had been superseded. This seems very questionable business practice, given it now appears that by that time, there were no intended updates or new releases of my product.  The primary reasons I have been renewing the subscription is getting the updates and new releases.  Yes, in the past I had a couple of times made use of the Development Support, which was very helpful.  But that was a good few years ago, and was not the main reason for having the subscription.


Amusing aside;  I see I am now labelled a 'Beginner' (several years ago a brown belt or similar?).  Yes, haven't posted here for several years but have been using this product line (and on the forums) since at least CVF days around the turn of the century. 


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Oops, apologies for the name typo, Barbara (gnarly old fingers).  Do not seem to be able to edit the post, sorry.

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the paid for "Support subscription" gives technical support for the OneApi fortran. It allows you to file support tickets. The unpaid "free" OneAPi only has support via the forum. Simples.


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