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Is it possible to compile with intel fortran and openmpi instead of intelmpi?


Hello, everyone

I currently working with an open source software, when compiled with gfortran and openmpi, it works. However, when compiled with intel parallel studio, it got mysterious mpiabort failure.

I think gfortran is not as fast as intel fortran, so I would like to know if there is a way to compile source with intel fortran compiler and openmpi instead of intelmpi.

But as far as I know, if I add 

. /opt/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2017.4.056/ intel64

to the bashrc, the mpi automatically becomes intel mpi.

I tried to disable intelmpi by renaming, but then I lost mpiifort.

By the way, I am using ubuntu desktop with 8 core cpu.


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Black Belt
You would build a copy of openmpi for ifort in accordance with instructions provided on the openmpi site, configured to install in its own path or with modules as you must keep your compiled objects separate from those built with another mpi. To keep Intel mpi off PATH you open a new shell without sourcing mpivars but setting up ifort PATH according to compilervars. If you wish to discuss debugging under intel mpi, the hpc cluster forum might work.
Black Belt Retired Employee

I recall a couple of years ago an issue with OpenMPI caused by it including in its library some old-version Intel Fortran run-time library routines. I never did get a good explanation of why that was.  Tim's suggestion of building an ifort-compatible version from sources sounds like a good approach to me.