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LIB Files

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The program for prime numbers supplied by mecej4 ran in about 32 minutes on a Core i5.  

Thank you. 

I am looking at the large integer program from Smith at Loyola.  

I put the main module into a static Fortran library and it created a FM.lib file. 

The manual indicates that you simply add the .lib file to the solution with the entry file and it should link. 

The first time I did, but now I get cannot open mod files as an error for the main lib module?

I read the manual and I appear to be doing things correctly - any ideas would be welcome?

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The output folder for the .mod file, must be in the INPUT path directory list. Often 3rd party sick the output somewhere other than default.

Find where the .mod file got placed, and add that to your INPUT search path.

Jim Dempsey

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