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Microsoft Windows Firewall error with Microsoft MPI localhost


After testing our Intel Fortran MPI program in Visual Studio, we installed it on clean (not developer) test PC (Windows 7 and Windows 10). After installing the redistributable Microsoft MPI runtime, the Microsoft Windows firewall is preventing communications with localhost as we attempt to communicate with ourselves. The link below describes the issue in great detail then suggests turn off or allow "MPI ports" without any specifics? How do we get Microsoft Firewall to let Microsoft MPI talk to itself for parallel applications running Intel Visual Fortran MPI? IT won't let us turn off the firewall and requires formal justification of any modifications. Workaround: buy a mac or use a Linux VM while staging for HPC supercomputer / cluster use.

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If you haven’t already,  you  probably need to inquire with Microsoft or a related MS forum for assistance/information on MS MPI. I asked around here but did not find anything.