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Old licence to a new PC


I want to use my Fortran version 2013 license on a new PC. Is it possible to transfer? If possible, please let me know the procedure. Thank you.  Kyozo

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What I suggest is copying the .lic file from your old PC (C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Licenses)  to the same location on the new one. That's the most straightforward approach. 

That will get you the license. But you also need the installer, and that old version isn't downloadable anymore (or at least so I have read.) It's not possible to copy the installation and get anything that will work.

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Actually it is possible - but unlikely 

You can try using a Samsung SSD to transfer your old computer hard drive to the SSD using the supplied programs and if you are very very lucky it may work on the new computer -- it is worth a try - chances of success less than 1% 

If it does work I would then upgrade to Windows Preview 10 and let it take care of the hellish driver and other issues you will create. 

I have tried this a couple of times - it may work if you are using dell to dell etc

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