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Problem running executable outside of VS17


I can generate a "Debug" and a "Release" (both x64)  version of a Fortran program from within Visual Studio 17.

I can run both versions from within Visual Studio 2017. Both versions run to completion.


When I copy the debug or the release version from the project bin folder to another directory with data

and attempt to run it,  I get the following error dialog window msg:

"The procedure entry point for _dealloc_all_nocheck could not be located in the dynamic link library {fully qualified path to executable}"


This is something new to me - I have not seen this before.


Currently using

  1) Visual studio 2017 17.7.5

  2) Intel Fortran 2018 Release 3





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Black Belt Retired Employee

You have the run-time DLLs from an older version of Intel Fortran in PATH, or in the directory containing the EXE.

Search the system for all copies of LIBIFCOREMD.DLL. You should find it only under C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Intel\Shared Libraries\redist (there will be one under ia32_win and one under intel64_win. If you find them anywhere else (except under C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools), remove those copies. (And look in that location for other Intel run-time DLLs.)


That was the problem.

I did a little investigation and reflection.

The cause of the problem was a recent installation of Tecplot on the system I use for Fortran compilation.

Tecplot installs older versions of the Intel runtime DLLS!









Black Belt

This brings back memories of the old days when the gross violations of Fortran standard by Tecplot caused compilers to avoid important optimizations.  I suppose they might try to deal with that by supplying object code tied to specific compiler versions.