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Querying interface of a procedure in a DLL

I suspect the answer to my question is No (it's that kind of day), but it doesn't hurt to ask... Is it in any way possible to test whether a procedure in a DLL has a certain interface? I'm using LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress/C_F_PROCPOINTER to access a procedure from a dynamically loaded DLL (see Intel's DynamicLoad example). However, it would be great if I could verify in some way that the procedure I'm loading actually has the correct interface. It seems like I just have to hope for the best. Any ideas?

EDIT: I realize I could manually examine a particular DLL, but what I'm after is a way for my program to do this internally. In my case, these are DLL's that my users are writing and loading themselves, so I want to issue a helpful warning message if they did something wrong (other than the program just crashing).

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As far as I know: no, there

As far as I know: no, there is no way you can do that. I think that is what type libraries were invented for and sundry other mechanisms.

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There is no information

There is no information regarding interface stored in the DLL.

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