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Using GDB to debug an MPI program in Fortran (on MAC)



Hello, I am trying to debug an MPI fortran program using the advice from this post: (Using GDB to debug an MPI program in Fortran). The idea is to place an MPI_BARRIER inside a DO WHILE loop and then attach gdb to the right process with something like 

gdb -pid 12345

However, I keep getting the following message:

warning: unhandled dyld version (15)

0x00007fffb6f2ef46 in ?? ()

 When I try:

(gdb) info locals

I get "No symbol table info available". As a result, I can not attach gdb to the running process. I am working with MacOS 10.12 (Sierra), gdb 8.0, and compiling with mpif90 configured for ifort (version: 17.0.4). Any ideas about what could be the cause for this problem?

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