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Visual studio 2015 integration


I am trying to get Intel Visual Fortran 2016 Update 1 to work with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3.

I have already followed the instructions at

The compiler is working fine, and Fortran projects within visual studio exist, however the debugger does not seem to be working and the text editor does not apply any formatting of Fortran files.

Anything else that can be done to repair the installation?  I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling.


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Black Belt

If your projects compile ok, the problem is more subtle. Did you have some other company's Fortran installed previously, especially one that includes VS integration? (I am excluding Compaq/DEC from this question.)

What exactly do you mean by "the debugger does not seem to be working"?

If in a Windows directory folder, you look at a .f90 file, what does it show in the "Type" column? Does the icon look something like this?


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