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debug variables in dlls


Hi all,

I just realised i had posted in the wrong section, so I replicate the topic here, apologize for cross-posting

I'm having problems trying to debug a fortran code: during debug i cannot WATCH variables contained in a module which is in another project of the solution and which is compiled as .dll and variables exported with the clause:  


I managed to reproduce the problem in a simple toy solution, with the same structure described above.

please find attached the solution along with a similar one, but with the module included in the main project (the latter debugs just fine).

guesses:  seems only "parameter" and derived data types are affected by this issue, other variables are inspectable when debugging, as long as their value is changed in the current procedure.

i'm using VS 2017 enterprise 15.7.1 + Intel compiler 18

thank you


UPDATE 1 (23/05/2018 14:40 UTC) uploaded new toy solution, previous was not compiling after cleaning)

UPDATE 2 seems like same issue was already found out in the (very) past  and here

UPDATE 3 the problem is not present in VS 2010 10.0 + Intel compiler 2013

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