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link abaqus to fortran


Dear all,

i try to link abaqus 6.14-5 with visual studio 2013 and intel parallel 2016

when i run in abaqus command abq6145 -user_verify, i obptain this error:

LINK : fatal error LNK1171: unable to load mspdbst.dll (error code: 126)

Can you help me?

thanks a lot

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Your Abaqus command environment is not properly configuring Intel Fortran/Microsoft Visual Studio. You should ask Abaqus support for help with that.

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Hi Mattia,

I've had success linking user subroutines to Abaqus from the Intel Fortran initialized console (CMD) window.  I open that particular console from: Start -> Intel Parallel Studio XE 2017 or XE 2018, then select one of the "Compiler..." choices for x64.  That will initialize the Intel Fortran environment variables.  In that console change the directory to the location of your Abaqus input file and user subroutine, then run the abaqus command line to see if that works for you.

If you use the forum search (near the top of the web page) for "abaqus link" you will find other postings related to linking with abaqus; here are a few previous items that might be helpful:

Contacting Abaqus support is a good option too.

Regards, Greg T.