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minimum visual studio community 2015 edition for intelvisual fortran


I have as an Os windows 7 32bits (ultimate sp1 edition)

when trying to install visual studio community 2015 edition as custom I have a lot of choices to check (over to 34 GB) but I want to install the minimum just the needed volume to use my FORTRAN programming, in the choices there are: (when we don't check any thing the volume is 5 GB!!)

- Programming languages:

                                            - Visual C++

                                             - Visual F#

                                             - Python tools for visual studio (June 2016)

-Windows and web development:  (also many choices) 

-Cross platform mobile development (with many choices)

-Common tools: (with many choices)

I want please what exactly I have to check in order to just use my free Intel visual FORTRAN.

Thanks, waiting for very detailed explanation .




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Also , if there is a torrent or else an iso of vs 2015 community ed. thanks

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I strongly recommend using Microsoft's download rather than a third-party source. It is free, after all.

You need C++ support included. That's the only non-default option you need. I haven't looked to see what can get deselected. You certainly don't need F# or Python. You probably do need Windows Development and Common Tools.

How did you obtain Intel Visual Fortran?

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