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what happened to XE 2014, 2015, and XE 2016 ?

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I looked at that registration page with my current license, and all I could find was the XE 2017 stuff, and XE 2013 Build 6.

Are we to understand that those other releases are forbidden to us ?

What is wrong with them ?

Anyway, I went ahead and installed XE 2013 because there are several issues with 2017.

Better that, than nothing - - - -

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Sorry to hear about the additional problems. That does not sound correct. There's many other versions that should be available (see below).

What browser do you use?   I can ask our Startup Support team if they can look under your account to see whether there's an issue.

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I don't get a page that looks anything like that. The place I looked was under "Intel Registration Center."

I was using the Microsoft EDGE browser.

Anyway, the only was I could find the XE 2016 stuff was by using an EXPIRED license.

I have a current license, but I guess that does not do me any good - - - -

Why does a CR take me to the top of the page ?

Kinda stupid - - -

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When you log into the Registration Center, you will see only a list of current products  but, above the list, look for

If you click on the "... expired products" link, you will see your old products. Whether you are entitled to actually downloading and running any of those old products is something that I cannot answer.