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Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzer 2021.4 Release is Out!


Hello All, 

The Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce Intel® GPA 2021.4!

You can download Intel® GPA 2021.4 for FREE from the Intel® GPA homepage.

Watch the full release video here!

What’s new?

Graphics Frame Analyzer

  • Improved bottleneck analysis and Advanced Profiling mode: :
    • More detailed reasons for bottlenecks and more accurate improvement suggestions are available.  
    • Graphics and Compute pipeline results bottlenecks are shown in the same tab. 
  • Improved metrics collection: :
    • Added metrics subscription. When metrics table view is selected in Metrics Viewer, Graphics Frame Analyzer doesn’t automatically request all the available metrics anymore. Instead, users can configure a list of metrics of interest, group and save them into metric subscription presets. These presets as well as a list of metrics depend on selected GPU adapter. 
    • Added metrics subscription. You can now group metrics of interest into subscription presets. In Metrics (Selection) and Metrics (Frame) tabs, Graphics Frame Analyzer request values only for subscribed metrics, which helps to avoid long metrics calculation.
    • Metrics updates now depend on the selected tab. No updates on new event selection in “Metrics (full-frame)” mode, only the pinned metrics are requested in “Metrics (Selection)” mode, and the minimal required set of metrics is automatically requested in “Bottlenecks” mode.
    • Metric updates now depend on the selected tab. In the Bottlenecks tab, the minimal required set of metrics is requested. In the Metrics (Selection) tab, subscribed metrics are requested each time you select new events. In the Metrics (Frame) tab, only subscribed metrics for the full frame are presented. 
  • Added support for DirectX 12 Ultimate features including DirectX Raytracing
    • It is now possible to capture a stream file from applications that use DirectX 12 Ultimate features, and look for content of a stream with view hardware counters data.
    • DXIL Libraries are shown as a separate resource in the Resource List.
    • Shading Rate textures for Variable Rate Shading Tier 2 applications are shown in the Resource List.

Graphics Trace Analyzer

  • Added support for DirectX12 Ultimate features including DirectX Raytracing. It is now possible to capture a trace file from applications that use DirectX 12 Ultimate features and analyze them in Graphics Trace Analyzer. 
  • Added Shader Breakdown tracks visualizing workload distribution among shaders for floating-point unit and extended math pipes.

Intel® GPA Framework 

  • Added DirectX Raytracing capture/playback/range-repeat support. End users can capture, replay, and analyzer streams from workloads that use the DirectX Raytracing feature of DirectX 12 Ultimate.
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