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Looking to 'save geometry file' in 'screen space view'.

I have a problem with Intel GPA, I am trying to extract .obj files from a capture screen. I can extract the models fine but they come out all skewed. This is an example of what i get. When i switch the circled area from 'post transform mesh' to 'screen space view' i get an exact copy (non skewed) of what i want. But i dont know how to export the model without it been skewed. Looks like there must be away to export the model as shown in 'screen space view'

The left side shows the 'post transform mesh' this is the only way i can export the .obj file. I dont like this model because its skewed

The right side shows the 'screen space view' which is what i want to export as an .obj because it isnt skewed 
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. . . closing that other thread - it's a little confusing. 

Repeating my response here:

I did some experimenting and do not get the skewed effect.

I would like to ask the dev team if they are aware of what might cause this, but I need more information.

  • Please copy your platform information from Graphics Monitor Info button on the top right of the GM window.
  • Please share a frame capture that has this anomaly - you can share inn a private message with me if you like.

Thank you,


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I think this is it


Im hoping you might know some code or math to export the 'screen space view'


This part here

65 DrawIndexedInstanced 20697, 1, 0, 0, 0,



Operating System:
Name: Windows 10 Version 2009 (OS Build 19044.1586)
Locale: en-AU
Windows Developer Mode is enabled
Secure Boot/Trusted Boot is disabled

CPU Information:
Name: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor
Architecture: x64
Cores count: 16

System BIOS:
Version: American Megatrends Inc. 1.LR
Date: 11/01/2021

GPU Information:
Name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
Vendor id: 0x10DE
Product id: 0x2184
Stepping: 161
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 11-22-2020

Memory: 16333 MB
Screen: 1920x1080, 32 bit

Graphics Performance Analyzers:
Version: 22.1.1647438438
Commit hash: 252d8e7a
Installation folder: C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA\

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Thanks for the info. I can't download that file

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I don't know how to PM or how to deliver a file 500MB large.

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Your frame is 500MB? If it's a stream, can you capture a smaller stream?

I wonder if you have such a big stream because you are not using deferred capture mode? For DX12 or Vulkan,

  • in Graphics Monitor go to Options, bottom left of GM
  • from the tabs across the top, click on the Stream tab
  • switch the toggle to ON for Enable deferred capture mode
  • hit the back arrow at the top left of GM to get back to the GM main window
  • click play/start

Then, play your game to the point you want to capture and hit l (the letter 'l' - ell) to start the capture, then 'l' again to stop the capture. You can get as many captures as you want this way. when you are done, close the capture window.

If you are using DX11, we don't have deferred capture implemented yet in our GUI tools. But you can use our command line tool, GPA Framework (a separate GPA download from the same download page where you get your Windows download of GPA).

  • download and install it
  • go to the path of the release you want to use (probably - C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA Framework\22.1\bin\Release)
  • enable deferred capture with either
    • fixed-frame-count: 
      • gpa-injector -L hud-layer -L capture:deferred=true, fixed-frame-count=10 “C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA\gpasample.exe”
      • once the capture window starts, hit 'l' when you want to start a capture, and the capture will end after capturing the number of frames specified (in the example, it's 10), you can continue by pressing 'l' again whenever you want to capture the next 10 frames. Close the capture window when you are done.
    • or captured-frames
      • gpa-injector -L hud-layer -L capture:deferred=true, captured-frames=[50000..50010] “C:\Program Files\IntelSWTools\GPA\gpasample.exe”
      • the capture window starts, you wait, it will close when it is done capturing the 11 frames

And about PMs - I'm not seeing the option either. I will find out if the option moved. I'm sure it must be somewhere. I don't use it very often.


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