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Intel/dell based NIC Teaming intermittent connection issue...

Hi not sure if this is the correct place for this... , I just configured an Intel/dell based NIC Teaming on a dell server running windows 2000 advanced server, but network connectivity seems to be intermittent I mean sometimes is up and suddenly comes down and then comes up again... (weirdo... and I can't fugure out how to troubleshoot that)

Config details:
- Server: Dell PowerEdge 4400
- Switch: Dell PowerConnect 5324 (LACP enabled)
- Two of these: NIC: Intel PRO1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter
- One of this: Intel PRO1000 MT PCI Gigabit Server Adapter
* Total: 5 NIC's (5 GB bandwidth)
- TEAM#0: Intel ProSet configuration, Maximun Bandwith Mode with Jumbo Frames enabled and LACP Dynamic Aggregation Algorithm.

Note: All cables are virtually and phisically tested.

thanks in advance on any suggestions or advicing...

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