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OpenCL for kernel v4+ using device tree overlays and fpga manager reconfiguration for Cyclone 5


The way that fpga's are programmed has changed from kernel v4+. In kernel v3, the device /dev/fpga0 was created for programming and the Intel OpenCL driver created a device /dev/acl0 . These devices could be programmed using the dd command. From kernel 4+, this method of programming has been obsoleted and the devices /dev/fpga0 and /dev/acl0 do not exist. Instead device tree overlays and an .rbf file are used by fpga manager at boot to reprogram the fpga region of the SoC. FPGA manager supports full and partial reconfiguration at run time. So I wanted to know if OpenCL is supported on Cyclone 5 on kernel v4+ and if anyone knows how to get it working? or is OpenCL obsolete after kernel v3?
Many thanks

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