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"Introduction to High-Level Design Workshop" - zip file for source code not included


Hi, I'm new to Intel High-Level Synthesis. And i would like to learn more. I've already watched all 7 parts of the youtube videos on "Introduction to High-Level Synthesis" by Intel FPGA  (

but i din't really learn much from it as it's a bit too complicated for me. 

I've found a "Introduction to High Level Design Workshop"  (

but there is no source code given for me to learn. 


I've been stuck for months and i really need help. I would really appreciate if anyone could help out. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @Edokatsu,


Thank you for posting in Intel community forum and hope all is well, as well as the interest in Intel HLS.
As for some sample source code/tutorial, it comes together with the installation.


You will be able to find it in the follow path <quartus installation path>\hls\examples
Once you get the code you will be able to run those and useful steps which you can follow here.
Hope that helps with getting you started, please do let us know.


Best Wishes


Hi @Edokatsu,


Greetings, unfortunately as we do not receive any further clarification on what is provided. Hence thread will now be transitioned to community support for further help on doubts in this thread. For new queries, please feel free to open a new thread and we will be right with you. Pleasure having you here.


Best Wishes