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Intel SDE 9.0.0 AVX Emulation 64bit Mode


As the title suggest i am trying to run Intel SDE in a 64bit mode to hopefully achieve better performance. I have a desktop shortcut linked to (sde.exe) in the main program directory i am tying to run as follows; 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Empires IV\sde.exe" -- RelicCardinal.exe



This will launch my program (Game) RelicCardinal.exe just fine with 32bit emulation, but i would like for performance sake to launch it with 64bit emulation. I have tried entering the following commands with no success;


-sde64 -- RelicCardinal.exe

-t64 -- RelicCardinal.exe 

$ sde64 -- RelicCardinal.exe


I read some place on GitHub that "Intel SDE is the executable sde64 found in the top level directory within the tar ball" but I've never found anything in the top directory that said it was an 64bit exe. Anyways i unpacked or unzipped everything using WinZip to put the proper permissions on the unpacked files. If their is an easy way to launch programs in 64bit i would appreciate any advice given as i am not experienced with Intel SDE emulation software or any emulation software for that fact.   


I am running an Intel Xeon W3690 cpu which is a LGA1336 socket on the X58 Platform

I also have 48GB of ram


Also my goal really in using emulation software is just to gain AVX support. Thanks in advance, Dan



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Intel SDE supports running applications in their native mode. This means if the application is 64 bit application then SDE will run it in 64 bit mode, but if the application is compiled to 32 bits then SDE will run it in 32 bit mode. Therefore, Intel SDE will not run 32 bits applications in 64 bit mode.

The executable sde64 is available only in Linux because most Linux distributions do not include the 32 bit runtime. It is used only when 32 bit applications are not supported on the host system. On Windows 32 bits applications are always supported, therefore there is no need for separate sde64 binary. The sde executable transparently handles both 32 and 64 bits applications.



Ok that makes sense. When i launch RelicCardinal.exe it first starts Steam (which is a 32 bit application) in order to launch the game files which are 64 bit (I confirmed with 7-Zip photo attached). I believe i will have to launch two separate instances of Intel SDE possibly, or figure out some other workaround. Steam only comes in 32 bit unfortunately and is necessary to some extent to launch my program (Game). Thank you for the explanation, i now have a good staring point. Thanks again!


Intel SDE is injecting itself into the launched sub-process in the correct 32/64 bits mode. This means that if the parent application is a 32 bit process and it launches a 64 bit application in a sub-process, then Intel SDE will run in 32 bits mode in the parent process and it will run in 64 bits mode in the sub-process. This is handled transparently by pin (our binary instrumentation system).