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Contact e-mail address needed for ijl11.dll - Vista Certification



Our application uses the Intell ijl11.dll - we are attempting to get our application Vista Certified. In order to do so, all 3rd party dlls must have a valid digital signature or we need to request a waiver. To receive a waiver for ijl11.dll the waiver application must include an email address. Unfortunately we are unable to locate an appropriate Intel email address for this matter.

Suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you,

Mark Cosgrove

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First, that is not the latest version of IJL DLL. Latest one was 1.51 if I remember correctly. Second, that library is no longer supported so you are probably out of luck.

However, there is a new IJL DLL available as a sample code for Intel Performance Primitves library. Unfortunately to be able to compile and distribute it you would most likely have to purchase Intel Performance Primitives which may not be such a bad thing because it will give you access image processing code optimized for all Intel CPUs.

But, let us wait for an official response form an Intel employee.

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Igor, thank you for the comment, you are absolutely correct. The previous version of Intel JPEG Library (the latest one was 1.51) was deprecated several years ago, if I'm remember it right, the latest release was at 2000.


now we have implementation of Intel JPEG library as an Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP)sample, available in source code. We tried to support the IJL API as much as it possible, but because of some changes in JPEG_CORE_PROPERTIES structure you need to recompile your IJL based application.

Moreover, with getting expertise in developing and supporting IJL library we have developed a new JPEG codec,written on C++ and also based on IPP functions. We hope you would prefer to migrate your code from IJL to this new interface, because of new features: we support threading for JPEG baseline mode in both encoder and decoder (threading for progressive mode is in mind), we have added support for lossless JPEG compression and decompression for images with 2..16 bit per channel, we also have added compression/decompression for Extended Baseline mode with 12-bit per channel images. This codec is also available as an IPP sample with source code, so you will be able to customize code for your particular needs.

I hope you also might findinteresting many other examples in IPP, like
-string processing: using IPP functions in simple grep example
-data compression: zlib, gzip, bzip2 implementations (threaded and optimized)
-speech, audio and video codecs, including MPEG4:2, H.264, VC1, MP3, AC3, G.729and others
-computer vision sample which demostrates using IPP functions to implement face detection algorithm
-realistic renderer: ray tracing and 3d-viewer samples
and many others.

Customer's application can get advantage if they written with using IPP calls, because with so frequent changes in micro-architectures which you can saw the latest several years itmight bedifficult for application developers to spend significant effort to utilize all hardware features available in modern processors. So the idea of IPP is to allow you (customer) be focused on algorithm/application development and to let us (Intel engineers) to care about utilization of the latest micro architecture advantages through providing you with set of libraries which contains primitive functions, building blocks, from which you can build your algorithm and obtain performance advantages. The libraries are optimized for the all latest Intel processors (starting from Intel Pentium III) and also will run on third party processors which are 100% compatible with Intel Architecture. The IPP package is available for IA32, Intel64, Itanium and IXP architectures and is provided for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

The latest available version is
IntelIntegrated Performance Primitives 5.2
To get free 30-day evaluation version you need to register onIPP homepage. Then you will be able to download IPP libraries and samples.

The next version, which is IPP 5.3 beta, is coming soon.


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