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Finding unique correlatable area in an image using IPP


I need to find two unique correlatable areas in the image, given the width and height of the unique area.

At this moment the approach I am thinking about for this algorithm is:

Divide the search area(image) into the areas of size given by the user(width and height). Then correlate each area with the others in the search area. The one with the least correation can be the unique area for that image.

It is just a rough idea I have, Can someone please help me with some suggestions and approaches.

Thanks in Advance

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inippiCrossCorr and ippiSqrDistance are functionalities specially intended for this purpose Please refer ippi manual.


Thanks Vipin,

I have been given with an image(say 100x200) and I have to find a unique area(say 10x10) within it. This is done by finding the least correlation area in the image. How fo I find the least correlation area within the image.
I guess it needs the image to be correlated with itself, but not getting on how exactly to do it. If I just correlate the image with itself it always yields a max correlation value.
I tried using ippiCrossCorr and ippiSqrDistance but Im not getting a proper result on this.
Can you please let me know how to go about this. It will be of great help.