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How to handle unhandled, and thrown, H264 bad stream excpetions?



How to handle unhandled, just thrown, H264 bad bitstream exceptions?

Where is the documentation about IPP exception handling, an a general IPP exceptions?


From time to time, it is inevitable to get a bad inbound h264 stream.

As per IPP's H264 code, some of the H264 bitstream parameters cause  uncatched and thrown exceptions.

It will be nice, if not necessary, to provide more info about these exceptions, as well as a piece of advise how to handle that.

At this point, this is a major show stopper, since many developers got applications with H264 decoder in the field that simply crash because of it, causing unnecessary blame towards the quality of the IPP's H264 decoder.

Please answer me on these questions.

Vladimir Pavlovic

Senior Software Engineer

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Hi Vladimir,

IPP doesn't support any codecs since 7.1 version - all such samples were moved to legacy stuff. You can take this code, modify according to your needs, add exception handling, etc. You should take into account that IPP samples were never positioned as a product - they were positioned as samples on how to use IPP coding/decoding pipelines. If there are any issues with IPP functions - you can submit an official bug report via IPS (Intel Premier Support) - it will be fixed as related to the product. (Notice: video coding domain - ippVC - is marked as deprecated and will be removed from the product in the next major IPP version - we recommend all to perform transition from IPP to MediaSDK for video enc/dec stuff).

regards, Igor

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