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IPP JPEG 2000 Sample for Windows question


I downloaded IPP 5.3 samples and found that "The Intel IPP JPEG 2000 Sample for Windows* has the following main limitations on encoding ( that do not restrict decoding of JPEG 2000 files ):

- Only layer-resolution level-component-position progression is implemented for encoding.
- Only one layer compressed data organization is supported in encoder.
- Only single tile and single precinct (per resolution level) is supported.

I want to know if the limitaion is for the samples only? There is no this limitation if I write my program by usibg IPP APIs. Is it right?

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JPEG 2000 sample contains entire codec application, but IPP libraries itself contains only core low-level functionality of JPEG 2000 codec like wavelet transforms, color conversion etc.

Yes, these routines doesn't restrict codec features. Yes, it's possible to embed it into other codec architecture.

But first, it may not be the easiest task; second, low-level API still imply some codec architecture vision including performance optimization, to understand details you still need reffer to the sample code.

So the easiest way looks like the following

  1. Start fromJPEG 2000 codec sample, found which features you need to add
  2. Placefeature requests through Intel Premier Support
  3. Check for updates (bug fixes/ newfeatures), discuss it with customer support
  4. Only if the (3) doesn't lead to success try to implement by your own way, basing on the sample code, asking here questions etc.

It's possible to use IPP functions in your codec,people will try to help here, but if the work volumeis serious (like supporting of many features) the request on Premier Support may help better.


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